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Join me outdoors this Summer for Sensory play!

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Meet your Delaware

Tinkergarten Teacher:

Hi, I'm Emily! I'm a Northern-Delaware local and mom of one little explorer. I'm also a Montessori-trained teacher, and I've been working with children for over 15 years!

I love teaching through creative and open-ended play, especially outdoors, and am thrilled to be able to do exactly that through the Tinkergarten curriculum!

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Brain-boosting outdoor play

Child + caregiver classes

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Develop a critical skill each season

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Open-ended, child-led:

Kids learn best when they lead the way. Tinkergarten helps parents/caregivers support their child’s unique process!

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Nature at the core:

Stimulating and calming in equal parts, the outdoors provides a perfect environment for kids’ sensory systems, activating their focus and joy for learning.

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Part-science, part-wisdom:

Every lesson combines early learning science with timeless wisdom about nature and childhood. It’s a magical combination!

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Creating a safe space

for your family to explore:

My top priority as your outdoor educator is to create a safe and inclusive environment to meet your family's needs. When you join Tinkergarten, you join a diverse community of families who share a common goal: getting outside all four seasons!

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Supporting YOU so you can support your explorer:

Classes are designed not only to be fun and engaging for your child but also for you as their caregiver! Each week offers opportunity to learn something new together and make memories through open-ended, creative play.

My goal is to support you so you can support your explorer and enjoy the Tinkergarten experience!


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Emily has been such a warm, upbeat, and brilliant teacher to all of the littles this winter and we're very grateful to her for all of her time, kindness, and energy that's gone into planning and making these classes so wonderful. As a mom of a 2020 pandemic baby, this season of Tinkergarten has meant so much to our family because it's one of the first fun, social, and educational things we've been able to do with our daughter. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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I highly recommend Tinkergarten as the best parent/toddler interaction you will have with your kids! We love having Emily as our guide, she makes each lesson so magical and models effective ways to interact with your child/children.

You will not be disappointed!

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We loved Tinkergarten! My daughter is on the shy side but loves playing outdoors. I was hoping this would be a good way to introduce her to a group class setting with other children since I already knew she was comfortable being outside. Tinkergarten was perfect for her, she could participate in the group activities and explore by herself if she needed to. I thought Emily had an intentional and thoughtful curriculum and all the kids loved her. We will be back for future sessions and I most definitely recommend the experience for other families!

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Emily is a fantastic leader and she definitely exceeded my expectations. She’s great at getting all the kids involved, commanding attention and making it fun! I enjoyed the feedback she gave to parents too. She made me think about how important it is to show my own joy and wonder with nature to my kids. We can’t wait for next season!

Earn a new

skill badge

each season!

Summer Session 2024:


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This Summer, we focus on kids' sensory development!

Our senses are

central to how we experience the world, how we behave, and how we learn.

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We'll help each child strengthen and balance their senses, and we’ll do it all through enriching, outdoor play! Our classes will..

  • Activate the five main senses
  • Practice integrating multiple senses at once
  • Introduce two hidden senses that, though less known, have a major impact on how kids feel and learn - the vestibular system and proprioception
  • Explore our senses of joy & wonder!
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Lesson #2

Lesson #1



Follow Your


What scents can we discover

& create?

How do we want to play with mud?

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Lesson #3

Sneak-Peek This

Session's Classes!

Over, Under,

All Around

How many ways can we move our heads and bodies as we play?

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Lesson #5

Lesson #4

Lesson #6

Bubble Joy

How many ways can we explore and play with bubbles?

Keep Your Cool

Heavy Work

How can we keep

our cool during play in hot weather?

How does it feel when we use our bodies to move heavy things?

*Lesson order/dates are subject to change due to weather/any other necessary rescheduling.

What to Expect

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Morning Greetings +

'Come to Tinkergarten' song

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Look for the sign

with the sun!

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Be inspired by the weekly Featured creature

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Discover an

Invitation to play!

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Enjoy creative,

Guided play!

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End our time together with a pledge to play all week long!

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Dog Paw Prints

Class & Location Details

Dog Paw Prints

Summer 2024 Schedule

Thursdays Fridays Saturdays 10 00 11 00 am
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Shoe Mark, Boot Footprint Hand Drawn Doodle

This session will include

SIX live classes at Rockwood Park*

June 27th - August 3rd

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*Note: NOT Rockford Park - please be aware

when searching for class location!

Register Here:

FLEX Scheduling

is back!

Summer Session

Registration Form

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Drop-In Class

Registration Form

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Summer Session

6 In-Person Classes:


Single/Drop-In Class:


*Pricing for one Explorer - see Registration Forms for adjusted prices for two (+) Explorers

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